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Turning remnants into usefull items

As a stone fabricator when we would cut out a project at the shop there would always be pieces of the slab that were too small to make any counter tops. Also when we installed a project there were sink cutouts and small pieces that always got thrown away. I hated seeing all of this beautiful stone getting hauled away to the landfill. That is where the idea of this shop came from. I have added other items, but the core of the business is still making useful items with stone that was going to get thrown away. I just wish I had all of those pieces that ended up in the landfill.

Just think, if you buy one of our remnant items, it could be from a Malibu beach house, a Bel Air mansion, a bungalow in Pasadena, a famous athlete or movie star’s house! We will never tell, but we do have remnants from all of those and more.

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